Oil and Gas


IGBASAN & SONS Oil and gas company is involved in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas across the globe. This includes activities such as seismic testing, drilling, and well completion. This energy can be used for transportation, heating, electricity generation etc.

What We Do

Our industry employs the most efficient and effective ways to extract the oil, we have a long history of technological innovation, from advanced drilling techniques to new materials and processes for refining and processing oil and gas. Our methods are greenhouse effective hence have little or no negative effect on the environment
IGBASAN & SONS is one of the leading oil & gas companies responsible for the production and distribution of the primary energy sources to top OMCs and industries in the sub Sahara district which is used by the majority of the population today.
The oil and gas industry contributes significantly to the global economy, providing a source of revenue for countries that export oil and gas and creating opportunities for investment and growth in related industries.
We also contribute our quota to society by constructing basic amenities such as boreholes, schools, libraries etc. In addition, help rid of unemployment by considering employing indigenes first and providing jobs in a wide range of fields, from exploration and production to engineering and support services. Also supports jobs in related industries, such as transportation and manufacturing.
We help sustain the economy by paying significant taxes and royalties, which support government programs and services.

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